Monday, September 7, 2009

first blog

i copied this from where i originally posted it. i wrote it about a month or so ago

Hmmm. I've heard a lot of talk about this blogging dealy over the last few months (try years) and it's about time i discovered what it was all about. Except i don't really know what the hell you're supposed to write about... I know Wil Wheaton, for instance, reviews stuff or chats about Arnie's kickass-iest films (the original one had a URL embedded but i can't get it to work yet). However until i go back to college i'll have nothing to talk about. Except television shows and Call of Duty WaW online. Does music count?

Suppose it does. But any good albums, by my standards I mean, are scheduled to come out either later in the year or next year. And don't get me started on games. That sort of discounts 3 pretty big aspects of my life at the minute,(4 if you include television), which leaves only one or two topics to really cover. I can always complain about people who i think are assholes, for no reason, I might add, sometimes with hilarious connotations. Or maybe it would be possible to vent my verbal pressure cooker in more useful ways including: 1. reviewing old, classic games or 2. (god forbid) popular films out at the minute. But there would always be the threat of crushing other people's toes. Or stepping on, whatever.

As well as that, i think the disdain from the afore-mentioned "complaining about people who are assholes" bit would leak over into the somewhat mediocre reviewing method (basically it was either shit or good, call me old-fashioned). There's always the possibility of talking about the books i like or have liked in the past... But that would only amount to a couple of Stephen King books, Lord of the Rings, Battle Royale and some Haruki Murakami paperbacks... The final vent i can think of, for my constantly filling balloon of annoyed, grumbling indignation, is films that i've seen in the past that struck me as particularly good (there have been a few) but then again that would amount to four or five paragraphs (total) due to my "indepth" (inept?) review style, gotten from writing essays about annoying books and poems for my Leaving Cert. exams (e.g. The main theme of "The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock", henceforth referred to as TLOJAP, by the well-known, American-born poet T.S. Eliot, is loneliness, shown by the main character's, self-proclaimed, inability to fit in. The colourful imagery in the first stanza... blah, blah, blah).

So basically what i'm saying is that i have nothing to talk about, if i were to start a blog of my own. I think the convenient amalgam of poor interpersonal skills, misanthropy, liking weird and unpopular things and hating popular things has made this potential blog a Perfect Storm of sorts, a cataclysmic confluence of every possible annoyance i've ever experienced. If i acted normally, this entry would be filled with random Star Trek trivia (Did you know that photon torpedoes are actually a cascading matter, anti-matter reaction housed in a dilithium case only exploding when it reaches it's assigned target), Futurama quotes (starting from "Well I am already in my pyjamas"), allusions to Seinfeld episodes (The Contest was HILARIOUS) and endless Dark Tower references (say thankya).

But acting normally is a bit stupid seeing as nobody would ever read a whole blog of that, except me and a select few others. This has been a blog entry about pretty much nothing, yet somehow i managed to stretch it out! Hey, maybe there's hope for me yet! I'll have to think about it a bit more, make up my mind as to what, of the few things i like, are worth talking about. Or if people hate this, I'll hang up my... What do you hang up when you type stuff.....? Oh wait i have cats i can talk about